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We have a young but very experienced team, aware of new trends and challenges in different sectors of activity, as well as the strategies and objectives of the various Incentive Systems, which allows us to understand and monitor all types of applications, even in different areas less conventional or that require differentiated approaches.
In addition to applications, we also prepare and monitor studies for various situations, including bank financing, economic feasibility studies, beneficiaries of unemployment benefits, among others.

Currently the main regional Incentive Systems are as follows:
• Promotion of the Economic Export Base (includes Tourism)
• Local Development
• Qualified and Creative Entrepreneurship
• Internationalization
• Qualification and Innovation
• Prorural+ in its various sub-measures
• Leader support measures
• Beneficiaries of Unemployment Benefits

Each of the Incentive Systems responds to a certain objective and all of them contain some specificities that do not recommend a mere simplistic presentation of subsidy rates and eligible expenses. If you need more information about possible support for your business idea, you can use the contact details on the link or click on the button in the top right corner of the page. We promise timely response without any associated cost or commitment. We favor the appointment of a meeting, also free of charge and without any commitment, in person, by phone or by video call.

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